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Customer Service will be closed Monday, January 18 for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

The Culinary Pharmacy at the Culinary Health Fund will be closed Monday, January 18 for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Eligibility changes: Full Self-Pay

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, the Culinary Health Fund Board of Union and Employer Trustees took steps to protect you and your loved ones. It extended your health insurance eligibility through October 2020. During that time, you did not have to make any payments to keep your health benefits, even if you were not able to work enough hours, or to work at all.

Starting in November 2020, you may need to make a full Self-Pay payment to keep your Culinary benefits, if:

If this doesn’t describe you, visit this web page to see other options.

You will receive a letter in the mail after October 19, 2020 telling you if you need to make a full Self-Pay payment to continue your Culinary benefits.

Super Saver

You may be able to continue your Culinary benefits for less than it would cost to make a full Self-Pay payment. With Super Saver, you pay a flat rate per each eligibility period (2 months) to continue your coverage. You can only use this option for 2 eligibility periods (4 months).

This payment option has requirements and limitations. Visit this page for the details.

Questions and answers

I want to make sure I receive my Self-Pay notice in the mail. How do I make sure the Fund has my correct mailing address?

To check the address we have on file and make changes:

I didn't receive a letter in the mail. How do I find out if I need to make a full Self-Pay payment?

Self-Pay notices were mailed October 19, 2020. If you don't receive a letter a few days after that date, call Customer Service at 702-733-9938.

How do I make a Self-Pay payment? What methods of payment can I use?

Visit this page for more information about how to make a Self-Pay payment.

I have another question not answered here.

You can call Customer Service at 702-733-9938 for the answers to your questions.

Community resources

If you need help paying for health care, caring for your child, putting food on the table, or have other problems, there is help.

Visit this web page for a list of government and private organizations ready to help you.