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Customer Service will be closed Monday, January 18 for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

The Culinary Pharmacy at the Culinary Health Fund will be closed Monday, January 18 for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Eligibility extension changes

In March, the Culinary Health Fund Board of Union and Employer Trustees took a very important step to protect you and your loved ones. It approved an extension of your health insurance eligibility through the end of October 2020. That meant that you did not have to make any payments to keep your health benefits, regardless of if you were working enough hours, or if you were back to work at all.

Starting in November 2020, there will be changes for many of you who are not yet back to work, or not working enough hours to continue your benefits. The different eligibility scenarios are outlined below. We will contact you with more information as we learn more about which scenario will impact you.

You will have your eligibility covered if:

You will need to make a partial Self-Pay payment if:

You will have to make a full Self-Pay payment if:


If you are retired, and if you are between the ages of 62 and 65, you may qualify for Retiree Self-Pay. Follow this link to learn more about the rates and rules for Retiree Self-Pay.

Other options

If you are unable to continue your health coverage with Self-Pay payments or Super Saver, you have other options.

The Union, the employers, the Fund, and the Trustees are continuing to work on solutions.

We understand that these changes can be very difficult for you and your family, and we will provide more information in the coming weeks about how this impacts you. We appreciate your patience and understanding. If you have any questions, please call the Customer Service Office at 702-733-9938 after October 19.