Durable medical equipment

You may need Durable Medical Equipment (DME) to help you with a health condition. DME can improve your quality of life or help you heal.

What is Durable Medical Equipment (DME)?

It is equipment that helps you with a health condition. For example, if you have problems breathing, you may need oxygen equipment. Your doctor orders these devices for you to use at home. You may need to use it every day or for a long period of time.

Some examples of DME are:

Is DME covered by my insurance?

Yes. We cover DME if it is prescribed by a doctor. But, if your DME costs over $500 it must be approved before you get it. This is called prior authorization.

How do I get DME?

If your DME costs $500 or more:

  1. Ask your doctor to prescribe you DME.
  2. Tell your doctor to fax a prior authorization request to NHS at 702-691-5614.
  3. Once you have prior authorization, you can get your DME from one of our DME providers.

If your DME costs under $500:

  1. Ask your doctor to prescribe you DME.
  2. Take your prescription to one of our DME providers to get your DME.

How much will it cost?

Your plan covers all costs for formula and medical food for enternal nutrition services. There is no cost to you.

Where do I go for DME?

There are many places you can go for DME products. But to keep your costs low, choose one of our in-network suppliers. Our provider directory can help you find an in-network supplier near you.