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What is self-pay?

You have to work 240 hours every 2 months to keep your benefits (that's about 30 hours a week). If you don’t work enough hours, you can pay us for the hours you’re short. This lets you keep your health benefits.


  • You only work 230 hours in 2 months.
  • You are short 10 hours.
  • You can Self-Pay for the 10 hours and keep your health benefits.

If you worked no hours in 2 months, you can do a “full self-pay” for all 240 required hours.

If you are on maternity leave, you can also self-pay for up to 9 consecutive work periods. Call Customer Service at 702-733-9938 to make a maternity leave self-pay.

How will I know if I haven’t worked enough hours?

You will get a Self-Pay notice in the mail. You must make your self-payment before the due date to keep your benefits.

When do I have to pay?

Pick the months below that you’re short hours to find out the due date for your self-payment, and when you’re covered.

Your payment is due by April 30

You’re covered May 1 to June 30

Your payment is due by June 30

You’re covered July 1 to August 31

Your payment is due by August 30

You’re covered September 1 to October 31

Your payment is due by October 31

You’re covered November 1 to December 31

Your payment is due by December 31

You’re covered January 1 to February 28/29

Your payment is due by February 28/29

You’re covered March 1 to April 30

How much do I have to pay?

You pay the same amount that your employer pays.

Use this calculator to check how much you need to pay for your missed hours.

How do I Self-Pay?

There are many ways to make a self-payment.

Forms of payment

We accept

Things to know about Self-Pay