What to do if you get hurt at work

You should NOT go to the Culinary Health Center if you get hurt at work.


Worker's Comp: What to do it you get hurt at work 2:38

Step 1

Let your supervisor know right away that you got hurt on the job.

Step 2


You only have 7 days to:

  • Tell your supervisor that you got hurt.
  • Fill out the Workers’ Compensation “C-1 Incident Form” (your job will give you this form).

Step 3

Step 4

If the letter says DENIED you must appeal!

You must file your appeals or the Culinary Health Fund will not pay your bills (claims).

Before the Culinary Health Fund can pay any bills (claims) relating to your injury, you need to file the the 1st and 2nd appeal:

If you do not send your appeals within the time listed above, you will lose your right to appeal. That means your bills (claims) won’t be paid by Workers’ Compensation.

We need copies of both appeals that you filed and keep copies for yourself.

If you need help filling out your appeal form call the office of Consumer Health Assistance at 702-486-3587 or the Fund’s Customer Service Office at 702-733-9938. They will help you with your appeal.

Please note that the Culinary Health Fund will not pay for injuries or illnesses arising from self-employment.